Summer Tips For Dealing With Depression

IMG_0082There are several reasons why depression often strikes during the summer. One major change is that often our lives slow down. During this time, we begin to think about our finances, careers, ambitions and goals. We may feel nervous and uncertain what the future holds.

I have always set goals that are very high. The positive is that it would be a huge accomplishment to achieve them. I’ve began to also attempt to set more realistic goals that I know are within my abilities. This gives a target I will be able to directly hit.

Why does extra time cause us to feel upset? It may be that many with depression are extremely analytical. Their brains may begin to ponder the issues within their lives. It is also valid to admit that most humans go through periods of confusion.

This leads me to trying to provide lessons which may help during this season. One major gift is to make time to honor yourself. When you take a warm bath, get a massage, do meditation, experience nature or read, you are finding a way to enjoy this moment. You may also decide to find something fun to look forward to. It may be joining a local class, attending a fun event, taking a day trip or watching a movie.

It is important to not spend every moment trying to find the way to progress. You may not know exactly how to fix everything. It is also common that some of the problems are out of your power to control. This is when learning to let go is most helpful.

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