Infinitely Polar Bear Shares Brave Story

ruffaloMaya Forbes has crafted a new film titled Infinitely Polar Bear. It stars the handsome Mark Ruffalo as a father who faces parenting while living with a mental illness. The film traces its story based on the childhood of dealing with a dad who has bipolar disorder.

The motion picture shows the wonderful warmth the father places in caring for his kids. It also depicts that his illness led to poor choices. These include going out to get drunk while leaving the girls alone and also rarely cleaning their apartment.

I have watched over the past several years how more arts projects have openly addressed mental health. A few that deal with a bipolar character include Homeland, Empire, Silver Linings Playbook, and a recent show on television produced by Kim Kardashian. These give a small glimpse into the lives of those with challenging struggles.

The greatest gift is to know how hard it is to balance living with bipolar and handling the high level of responsibilities of being an adult. I say this as I am writing this article, watching my one year old son Ryan, cleaning the house and preparing a healthy lunch.

I have watched bipolar individuals create wonderful children, build businesses, support their friends, inspire their families and prove the positive potential within. I also am aware of the catastrophes that happen when someone with bipolar is out of control. This can include dangerous and frightening issues with the law, ruining relationships and psychosis.

It may mean that the more we learn about these topics that we are better able to understand each other. We all face issues and sometimes need support. You may also remember that kindness to those you encounter is valuable. The warmth we share helps us come together and overcome our obstacles.

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