Persistence Is A Powerful Force

womanI had a patient who spoke about feeling hopeless. They were upset that their relationship and career had dropped to the lowest level ever. We began to discuss what initially gave her the success and why it fell apart.

The answer was that her power was in persisting. When she built her job in sales she was always optimistic, charismatic and pressed through with passion. Her high level of energy and determination were the key factors in reaching extremely high sales targets.

We also spoke about her deepest emotions. She was depressed because she had felt her life would be at a higher level. It was very hard to accept that everything has fallen apart.

I watched in amazement as she followed some simple directions. One was to do an outdoor workout each day. The second was to make a list of 30 calls to potential clients and keep reaching out daily. The third tip was to do daily affirmations saying key phrases. These include ¨I am a a huge success. I persist through negativity and find a way to accomplish my goals. I never give up and always keep trying¨.

Within a few months her mind began to shift. The physical activity gave her an outlet for her frustrations. The daily calls were achievable and led to new customers.

The main lesson is that each of us will sometimes fail. The greatest champions are usually the ones who face the most obstacles. Their highest abilities are developed with the power of persistence.

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