Lessons From The Life Of Walt Disney

waltWalt Disney has impacted nearly every child in the world. His life teaches valuable lessons that would help anyone looking to make positive change. With persistence he built a brand with theme parks, television shows, toys and some of the most iconic films ever created.

In his early life, Walt Disney failed several times. His business ventures began early selling newspapers and soda. He suffered from co workers and customers playing many jokes on him. This would not deter him from reaching even higher.

He dropped out of school at age sixteen, with a goal of joining the Army. He became ill and ended up working for a year as an ambulance driver. He grew interested in drawing and animation. His first job in art was as an apprentice at a commercial art studio. Walt Disney was fired within one month and would have to start again.

Walt started a company creating films calling it Laugh O-gram Films. It began to grow but he was unable to keep the company afloat. It went bankrupt and at age 23, he left for California with $40 in his pocket.

With much hard work and persistence he would build an even bigger business. He came up with a character Mickey Mouse then named Mortimer and he began the first cartoons with the mouse. The first two films were not popular and they added sound to the third one called Steamboat Willie. They found a distributor and Mickey Mouse became the number one cartoon character.

His company created Frozen that had parents around the world having Let It Go played billions of times. The legacy of this creator has only grown. It is for this reason his life shares that we must never give up. Walt Disney faced great obstacles but always kept trying and persisting. This lesson should encourage anyone who has tried and failed. Please know it is only temporary and you may end up accomplishing more than you ever dreamed.

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