Confidence Is Key To Recovery With Addiction, Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Nature PhotographyOne of the greatest lessons I have shared with clients is the importance of having confidence in recovery. There are many statistics that share about the amount of patients who relapse to their addiction. It is also common to hear about the amount of suicides for those with depression and bipolar disorder.

I know during the darkest times it may seem hopeless. I remember working with a young man who had addiction and mental illness. He had lost his girlfriend, job and hope. He was scared and overwhelmed. I told him if he would take small steps he could eventually rebuild his life.

He began to work on his issues and to learn that it was possible to move forward. His effort to stay healthy increased and became one of his major pieces of his life. It didn’t take long before he started finding parts of his life that were happy and optimistic.

The reality is every human being will face struggles. There may be days where you don’t know if you can handle any additional pressure or problems. I also know that many times feelings of sadness will not last. When you get through the day, tomorrow may feel better and there is potentially an answer to the issues you are feeling.

I always am honest that help is needed. If you find someone who cares and supports your progress there is a higher level of success. My team has been coaching many others and we know working together creates positive change. We are there to talk to you each day and support you continuing to press on. You may always reach us at (213) 304-9555 or email We appreciate you coming to our website and wish you a wonderful rest of the day.

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