Actress Ashley Judd and Overcoming Depression

ashleyAshley Judd has gained fans around the world for her wonderful acting roles. She has starred in the motion pictures Divergent, Double Jeopardy, Heat and several great films. I met her a few times in New York and she was always warm, kind and had a great positive attitude.

In her memoir All That Is Bitter and Sweet she opens up that she considered suicide during sixth grade. Ashley also spent 42 days in a rehab center in Texas to help deal with her sadness.

It took her time but she would completely rebuild her life. She has been a global ambassador for YouthAIDS which is a prevention program. Her work has led her to travel to Kenya, Cambodia, Rwanda and many other areas where children need education. She has also been active supporting charities dealing with homelessness, malaria, equality for women and many important groups.

It may seem isolating or frightening to suffer from depression. The reality is many of our brightest lights face moments of fear, darkness and grief. Many hide their feelings and suffer alone. The best hope to overcome these problems is to seek support and treatment. Please know with the proper help there are many examples of learning to rebuild.

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