Weekend Motivational Thoughts

wavesEach weekend is a new opportunity to have fun, relax, meditate and refresh. Many of us have the weekends off. I have decided that the best use of this time is to enjoy life, talk to friends and share it with my family.

These simple steps will help make a positive impact in your life. The first is to make time to do physical activity. I always try to workout and expend my energy. This weekend I will play tennis Saturday and try and go on a hike on Sunday. These will help clear my mind and also keep my body strong.

The next lesson is to find time for yourself. I have two young children and it isn’t always easy to be alone. My wife and I often take turns watching them. We may spend three hours doing an activity while the other does something alone that they enjoy. Even some nights, I have one hour after everyone is asleep. I will listen to music, read or relax.

The final step is to not party in excess. There are some who allow the weekend to be a time of heavy drinking, eating very fattening foods or doing drugs. I know these will all cause longer term problems and make your life more difficult. There are other ways to have fun which do not damage your mind and body.

I wish you a fantastic and fun weekend. I hope you take time to enjoy each moment and live life to the fullest. Please remember each day is a gift and there is always a way to look on the bright side!

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