Increasing Intelligence With Depression and Bipolar Disorder

moonWithin our minds is a high level of intelligence. When we have a “gut” feeling it usually is our way of knowing that we must alter our current choices. Many species have this ability to help protect and survive in the wild.

There is often an ability to grow stronger no matter what is happening around you. This may include taking a few minutes to do something positive. A few suggestions are to help a friend, share a smile with a stranger, do a physical activity, meditate, or practice letting go of fears.

This teaches us to stay in the moment. I heard a wonderful speaker doing a Ted Talk. His work shared that humans are often achieving higher levels of joy when they are focused on the now. When their brains begin to think of situations outside of the moment they became sadder and more hopeless.

One of the best ways to be calm is to say to yourself “I am okay. I know life is working towards my higher good. I choose to stay positive and peaceful”. A few minutes of this inspirational self talk will help you work through what you are feeling.

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