The Problem Leading To Purpose

memorialMany of us hear about The Great Depression and think how hard it must have been. During this time of problems, fear, and stress some had the courage to believe in a future. A few companies starting during this time include Westin Hotels, Neutrogena, Fisher Price, Allstate Insurance, Revlon, Nissan Motors, and Ethan Allen.

You may ask how did the founders accomplish this? The answer is to not listen to the fear and negativity around you. They had the courage to build their dreams and not accept no for an answer. They also developed the ability to persevere and press through adversity.

When you are facing a severe issue remember that you have the ability to grow, strengthen and break free from whatever is holding you back. It may mean learning to let go of the past and ending any addictions. A great amount of success comes from reaching new levels and overcoming issues which held you back before.

It is a new day and you have the potential to be someone who strengthens our world. You may do it with a new business, helping others, being part of a team and never giving up. If you will stay motivated there is a gift you are able to give our world. We are each uniquely suited to do something amazing in this world. You are helping each of us when you reach your full potential.

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