Volunteering and Service With Depression and Bipolar Disorder

handsIt is so valuable to offer support and warmth to those who are struggling. Many times building up someone else is a huge tool for finding joy. There are some simple and enjoyable ways to help others.

I’m often asked why volunteering is important especially if you are going through your own issues. The simple answer is it takes you out of your own problems and leads to appreciation. We understand that we are not alone and all need each other.

A few weeks ago, I was busy working. I completed my daily sessions and then had to pick up my daughter. We went grocery shopping at Walmart and began our ride home. I noticed a young woman who was homeless and asking for money. I didn’t have any dollars, but just purchased a case of Gatorade placed on my front passenger seat.

I offered her one bottle and she gave me a huge smile. She said “It is so hot today, you don’t know how thirsty I am. Thank you”. I felt so happy that this simple gesture connected me to another human being. We both left the traffic light with a sense of spirit and peace.

You may not have money to offer on this day. Do you have a kind words, moments to listen, or even a simple smile to share? You may turn around the life of someone else who is battling difficult times. We are never alone and these small steps bring us closer and allows us to serve a higher purpose.

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