Safe Family Adventures For Depression and Bipolar

wpid-20150411_135443-1.jpgwpid-20150411_131126.jpgwpid-20150411_131042.jpgWe all long for adventure. When you have a family it becomes important to plan activities that are secure and enjoyable for everyone. This weekend we decided to rent a canoe along the Everglades near Boynton Beach, Florida.

The plan was for my wife Jennifer, daughter Tyler and my son Ryan to all go together. We went to the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Within a few minutes we found the dock where you are able to rent canoe’s and drive boats.

My one year old son began to cry and we had to make a choice. The kindness of my wife helped turn around the situation. My daughter and I went together and Jennifer stayed behind caring for our son.

You have to be adaptable when you have young children. We adjust to keep our lives running smoothly. It is smart to have a plan but be open that it may turn out differently than you anticipated.

My daughter and I saw beautiful butterflies, birds, turtles, flowers and swamp land. We were both a little nervous about the alligators that make this habitat their home. We saw four small alligators and two very large ones. They didn’t bother us and we made sure to not disturb them. The park ranger told us that they have never had one problem with the gators bothering people.

Even when you face mental health struggles, you will benefit from finding fantastic and fun adventures to experience. When you stay in the moment there are many ways to enjoy the beauty around you. You may end up having a new experience that motivates, inspires and creates lasting memories.

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