Bipolar Success Signals: The Meaning Of Numbers

I’ve studied Kabbalah for over five years. There is an incredible, understanding and reasoning behind signs and signals in our lives. I found on my journey living with bipolar, that holistic lessons and spiritual guidance offer a better path forward.

In the last few weeks, I’ve seen many butterflies. They were floating and flying in a location usually rare to find. I noticed, a giant rainbow over my town, even though there has been little rain in California. It was the week, local public school children began classes. I see these moments as an energetic connection sharing we are supported.

I’m proud to present a new brief two-part audio lesson on It is a look, at what the meaning of repeating numbers are in our lives. Did you ever look on your phone viewing the time as 2:22 and wonder why? Were you curious about seeing 666 and worrying the reason? Do the numbers 777 popping up on a bill, license plate or online make you feel lucky?

We respect, all religions and thoughts of belief. The lessons below are fun and easy to understand.

The at home coaching service is available by emailing us at or at (213) 304-9555 in the United States.

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