The Positive Worker: Surviving Crises

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The confusion, loss and stress from Covid has impacted everyone. I do not know one person, that has not lost a loved one. We’ve witnessed, the world and processes change in dramatic new ways.

I was working as a licensed therapist in Long Island, New York several years ago. I assisted many high level corporate workers, parents, children and families. I had a call to help a mother looking to face some marital issues.

Her high level job was at Lehman Brothers. She was there for many years and the income provided for her husband and children. She had given up a career as a school teacher, to support her family in finance. The week we began, her company started to collapse.

What would it psychologically feel for thousands of workers to instantly lose their jobs?

The retirement savings in common stocks disappeared as moisture does during a heat wave. How does a mind process this all at once? If she lost her job and annual salary, would her family fail?

We worked together to develop strategies to cope and survive. They focus on the reality of trying to stay calm when it is impossible. The long term outlook she developed, benefited from ongoing ideas during this time.

I’m honored to share, a free look at the educational tools below:

The Positive Worker Book:

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