Working Mom With Depression About Parenting

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Are you a stay a working mom that has depression about parenting? Is it possible, that you work while still facing depression? We know, it takes passion, persistence and staying positive. There are many homes, that rely on the mom working. It is you, that holds your family together.

We provide a virtual training and coaching program, to assist moms including you. Our ability to help and make progress is vital for many struggling. Our goal is to teach, support and bring light back into your life.

Our company was started by a noted author. He has written the incredible books Beating Bipolar, Depression, Bipolar and Heroin, Like Mother, Like Son, The Positive Worker: Developing A Winning Attitude At Work, and The Psychology of Adult Coloring.

We encourage you to reach out if you are a working mom that lives with depression. Our office may be reached at (213) 304-9555. We may be emailed at