Support Helping Bipolar Daughter Return To College

bookcThis article shares about support for helping a bipolar daughter return to college. When your child faces bipolar disorder it is vital to have the right support to help them go back to school. Many moms and dads are fearful and worried to let their children resume school after a bipolar disorder diagnosis.

One of the main concerns is to know if your child is ready to resume school. Many parents are wondering if the child has enough support to be able to handle the pressures and situations of being back at school. It is for this reason your local therapist and psychiatrist should be a part of the decision. This trained professional can help decide if they believe your daughter is ready to return to school.

The next step is to talk directly to your child. You may ask them how they feel about going back to college. They may worry about being bullied,  other children knowing they are bipolar, fear of using alcohol and other real world issues they must learn to handle.

It is also helpful to have a plan in place in case there is a problem. If your child begins to be manic, depressed or has issues how will you know this? You may want them to be seeing a therapist at the local center found at most colleges. This will give them someone who sees them and is able to make sure they are okay.

We were founded by a bipolar survivor who has educated many parents and college students. He has written five books and taught at many organizations about bipolar disorder. Each day we offer a free online magazine to teach others about these issues. You can find it on our main page at

Our founder also offers a one on one virtual coaching program. He helps young people and parents to have a positive role model and coach who understands what it is like to face these issues. The work is to help set goals, stay motivated in their classes and have support. You may call Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email

We wish you much success helping your child return to college. There are many who live with bipolar disorder that finish their education and become well adapted adults. Each journey is different but with proper education you give your child the best chance at success.

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