Stepping Into The Light

heartI remember feeling as if I didn’t deserve success. I used excuses about my illness, situation and problems to hold me back. This was a virtual space of pain and it made all problems harder. I had to learn to be optimistic, motivated, inspired, educated and hopeful. I began to see many problems leave as I worked on finding inspiration and light in every situation.

There is a huge place in our heart which wants to feel love. When we become negative or scared it harms us and causes many problems. I know that learning to authentically love yourself is very valuable. It is often our past which holds us back from the future we want to achieve.

Please feel free to learn about our coaching program today. You can call Jennifer LeVine at (213) 359-6365 and Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 We look forward to helping you step into the light and begin to shine!

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