Seeing The Hope During Long Depression That Seems Endless

bookcWelcome to seeing the hope in a long depression that seems endless. It is easy to feel upset and frustrated when you have been through a long and hard depression. The facts are that you have the potential to slowly grow stronger and more capable.

In my own life I nearly died from bipolar disorder. It was a very hard and long road. I would eventually recover and found many ways to enjoy life. I began to realize how valuable our lives are.

A few tips are to find something physical to focus on. You may go for walks, dance, jog, play tennis, baseball, basketball or yoga. The act of using the body is a vital step to staying strong. If you begin to do this as a habit it becomes part of your daily life.

One other step is to be nice to yourself. You did not choose to be depressed. You cannot just be “fine” and make the problem go away. Those of us with these issues are facing a medical issue which we did not choose.

Please know there is hope. Many have went through dark and long depressions. It may be an opportunity, friend, or lesson that helps you turn around the situation. You may call our coaching program anytime at (213) 304-9555 or email We are happy to help and work to rebuild your life.

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