Searching For Thrills When Living With Bipolar Disorder

wpid-wp-1413581868921.jpgThis article teaches about searching for thrills when living with bipolar disorder. It is clear that searching for thrills and having fun is one of the best parts of life. The issue becomes a problem when someone with bipolar disorder takes risks which lead to severe damage. A few examples might be searching for thrills such as explicit sex, huge risks in gambling, harming others, or driving recklessly. The problem is how do you help someone or yourself when it is becoming a major problem.

An example is when I was growing up, I had a close friend who was a professional skateboarder. He would do extreme skating and was considered one of the best in his field. He traveled often and was sponsored by several companies. It is normal for him to try stunts which might seem hard for most others. My brother Adam also took severe risks. This includes driving a car over a cliff with my sister who was very young. They barely survived and luckily were not severely injured. He would also take risks such as impersonating a policeman which led him to be arrested. He died at 27 to a heroin overdose when he searched for a thrill by getting high. This is an example of someone who was taking the wrong type of risks.

If you care about someone or yourself are living dangerously here are some important tips to remember. You can still have fun and enjoy life without damaging yourself. I live with bipolar disorder, have been on medications for many years and teach about these topics. I love taking hikes, traveling, exploring, meeting others and having adventures. The difference is I make sure I sleep enough, don’t harm others, and am healthy enough to be a husband and father.

It took a long time to learn that life is about balance. When you have bipolar you need to search for thrills which will not ruin your life. I know you can still have fun and not behave in a way which risks your life. I am sure those who love you would like to see you rebuild and be able to be healthy. I am so sad I lost my only brother but maybe my loss will be an example to you.

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