Resource Directory

handsThese are resources to help others who provide services, products, events, schools, training and programs which benefit those of us with mental illness. Our goal is to provide the best tools to help others facing these issues.

You may learn about being featured in our resource directory by calling our offices at (213) 304-9555 and email

Our Resources:

Suzanne Wachtel Psychotherapy


Suzanne Wachtel provides counseling for couples, individuals and adults. Her strength is being a practice that is extremely helpful to clients facing issues. She works with many business leaders and clients who need a strong therapist. You may find her website at:

DBSA South Florida


This is an amazing group offering support for families facing mental illness. They offer a weekly group and have many members. You may learn more by calling Lew Yagodnik at (954) 812-7110. They are also on the web at:

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