Resisting Temptation When Living With Bipolar or Depression

Welcome to resisting temptation when living with bipolar disorder or depression. It sometimes is hard to resist temptation when facing issues including depression or bipolar. Many of us want to numb our emotions and find ways to remove these issues. The problem is these often create other serious struggles.

Our site was founded by a bipolar survivor and noted educator. His own brother died from mental illness and a heroin overdose. It is important to learn to find healthy outlets for your feelings, frustrations and emotions. This includes making better choices which support improved health.

You may want to find activities including writing, drawing, dancing, working out or playing music. It is helpful to try and stop drinking, smoking, taking illegal drugs, gambling and other activities which are toxic. It takes courage to admit that you need to change.

We offer a wonderful one on one coaching program where we work to support and help you make positive changes. You may call our coaching office at (213) 304-9555 and email


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