Passing The Test

DepressionBookI know many of us have faced addictions or habits which held us back. I used to eat unhealthy foods and it led to not having as much energy. I decided to slowly and steadily change my habits. I also began to do more physical activity.

There are times where we are all tested. We may want to sink back into patterns of negative thinking, poor choices and doing activities which won’t send us in the right direction. I believe many times our insecurities and fears cause us to have habits or addictions which take us out of the moment.

It sometimes feels easier to sink back into poor choices than go through the process of changing. The best part is if you learn to let go and move forward you become much stronger. There are many terrific people who had to overcome poor choices. You are able to begin on a road to recovery and authentic joy.

If you need some help we welcome you to learn about our phone coaching program. You may call us at (213) 304-9555 and email I wish you much peace and happiness as you work to strengthen your life.


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