Panic Attack Sober Coach

riverWelcome to the panic attack sober coach. If you face panic attacks and addictions our sober coach may be able to help. We provide a great amount of help and knowledge to those who face panic attacks.

This includes each day offering an online magazine with lessons and tips for those who face these issues. We also provide a list of wonderful treatment centers that help those with panic attacks. Our work also includes a one on one coaching program where you are able to have a coach help you. You may learn about our resources by going to the right of this page.

If is common to face panic attacks. Many are also living with addictions and this causes them to have real fear. They may wonder if they can handle their addictions, worry about their lives and feel hopeless. It is never too late to seek help and make positive progress.

Our team was started by a bipolar survivor who used to face panic attacks. He would eventually rebuild his life and go on to help many others with these issues. He has written several bestselling books, done talks and helped many clients. It is his goal to provide the hope and knowledge many with these issues experience.

It is often scary and hard to face these problems. We believe having a place online to learn and grow gives us a better chance. You may learn about all of our resources at the right or top of each page. We also have an online magazine with new articles offered each day on

Thank you for coming to learn about panic attacks and sober coaching. It is sometimes so hard to face these issues alone. The reality is with help many will turn around their situations. They may end up happier, healthier and stronger. It is never weak to seek help and support. Even that you came to this website is a major positive step.

If you ever need additional information you may call our office at (213) 304-9555 or email We have helped people from many areas who face these problems. Please know there is hope and you can overcome whatever you are feeling and facing.

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