Never Quitting When Facing Depression or Bipolar Disorder

wpid-wp-1414251835661.jpgThis article is about never quitting when facing depression or bipolar disorder. It is vital those with bipolar disorder never quit or give up when facing depression or bipolar disorder. Many of us who struggle with these problems feel discouraged, negative and bitter. It is important to make up your mind that you will not quit and will work towards rebuilding your life.

Blake LeVine nearly died from bipolar disorder in his teens. He had delusions, paranoia, mania and hallucinations. His family was so upset and he was in and out of five hospitals. A top doctor said he was likely to live forever in a group home or psychiatric hospital. It looked dark but Blake and his family would not quit.

He would eventually make a full recovery. He slowly went back and finished high school, college and his Masters Degree in Social Work. He has a beautiful wife and two children. Blake has taught about mental illness at many organizations and chapters of The National Alliance on Mental Illness and The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. He also has been on many media outlets teaching about bipolar disorder. He also has written several bestselling books teaching about these topics. It is never too late to rebuild your own life.

We help others by offering the books written by Blake LeVine. You can find his wonderful books at:

We also offer a one on one coaching program helping you by telephone. You can call the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email

We also provide a free blog daily teaching educational topics about depression and bipolar disorder. You can find them on

Please know you should never quit when you have bipolar disorder or depression. The potential for you to rebuild your life is there. If you will make the effort to work and rebuild you too can overcome your challenges. It is never too late to find help and work to see your own situation improve. We hope this inspiration story of our founder gives you the hope that you can make it through what you are experiencing.

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