My Son Has Bipolar, Is Lazy and Won’t Do His School Work

bipolarcoverAre you a mom that has said “My son has bipolar, is lazy and won’t do his home work”? Do you sometimes struggle to raise your child? Is there a feeling of anger as a mom trying to figure out what to do? The realities are that having children is tough. There is mental and financial pressure. You may also want them to do well in school to have a brighter career path.

It is hard to help your child that lives with bipolar. They may take medications that cause them to be tired. They may be resistant to doing work even though they are quite intelligent. How do you teach them to focus and make school a priority in their lives?

We offer a fantastic coaching program. You are able to work with us virtually by phone, text and email. We also help students to learn to pay more attention to their studies. Our coaching is meant to help achieve goals. We work with you as a parent to help define what changes need to be implemented. Our coaching is often the daily nudge in the right direction. We also give your child an outlet to talk about life situations.

You can learn about our coaching by calling us at (213) 304-9555 or email We hope to help your family. There are many who with help are able to make positive progress. Our goal is to give your child the best possible chance at seeing success.