My Bipolar Husband Talks Trash About My Friends and Me

bipolarcover“My bipolar husband talks trash about my friends and me”. You may be angry that your husband is saying mean things or talking trash. Is it do to real reasons or are they being aggressive. When a husband has bipolar he must learn to treat his wife with respect. It can be problematic if there is fighting and hostility towards each other.

What can be done to improve marriages where one or both have a mental illness? The facts are that it takes effort by everyone involved. The layers of anger must be removed and changed to respect.

Your husband may be upset about certain parts of the marriage. Do you ever listen to him and let him open up about his feelings? The best relationships create time to talk and go over the problems that arise.

We provide a life coaching program by phone. The goal is to support anyone impacted by bipolar. The coaching offers support, help with goals and learning to change our thinking. You can learn about the coaching by calling us at (213) 304-9555 or emailing