Manic Depression and Sensitivity to Darkness

Many with manic depression have a sensitivity to darkness. This is because our moods are impacted by the sun. It is clear that many with manic depression also have to face depression. When you are in the house too often or are in darkness you may find that it impacts your mood.

It is common that those with manic depression sometimes face depression in the winter. There are many examples of those with manic depression who have increased energy in the warmer months. It is for this reason many with manic depression choose to live in areas where they feel it helps their moods.

You may wonder if you are sensitive to the light. If you find that when it is dark you are upset try to turn on a light or go in the sun. If your mood changes then you may be impacted by the light. This is why many with bipolar need to find a place to work or learn that is supportive to their condition.

We offer a daily magazine teaching about manic depression. Each article is meant to teach and help you learn about the issues which impact your life. It is great that you took time to learn about bipolar disorder and sensitivity to light and darkness. You may learn about the many resources offered here on our leading education site about manic depression.

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