Losing Your Temper With Bipolar Disorder

winterThis shares about losing your temper with bipolar disorder. If you have been losing your temper and live with bipolar disorder you are not alone. It is sometimes hard to handle life when you struggle with bipolar disorder. One of the best ways to handle losing your temper is to find ways to remove your anger. This article shares tips about losing your temper when you face bipolar disorder.

It is clear that life is sometimes hard and frustrating. These four simple steps teach about how not to lose your temper when you have bipolar disorder. The first step is to walk away when feeling angry. You can go for a run, sprint, hit a pillow, scream in your car, or write out your feelings. Each of these are ways to remove anger without harming others.

The second step is to think why you are angry. Do you drink too much? Are you upset about a certain situation? Did something happen that is making you frustrated? It is vital to learn to understand where your feelings are coming from.

The third step is to learn about anger. You may benefit from reading or finding out why you are having a tough time. Our founder is a bipolar survivor and noted educator. He has written several books which help teach valuable lessons about these topics. You can find all of the books at:


The fourth step is to seek help. We offer one on one coaching to teach you how to let go of anger, find healthy outlets and remove some of your frustrations. Our program is done by telephone and has helped others make positive changes. You may call the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email blake.levine@aol.com

Thank you for reading about losing your temper with bipolar disorder. We hope this helped you and that you continue to work to find ways to handle these issues. You are never alone and there is hope to learn better ways to handle these issues. We offer free daily articles about these topics on our home page at http://www.bipolaronline.com


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