Learning To Fight For What You Believe In

There are many times in life where we have to fight for what we believe in. When you have a severe health issue you may feel as if you are in a battle. I learned many years ago that I would have to fight to regain my health and become strong again.

I now am blessed to help others who are often in the fight of their lives. We don’t talk about how depression is a war and without support many succumb to these battles. This week we remember losing Robin Williams and how he lost his life from dealing with emotional pain. I still deal with the loss of my brother who died last year at age 27.

It is up to us to win the war of our emotions. We can grow strong, healthy and never quit. We may face severe issues but it is not going to defeat us. When we come together and work for change we are proving that we are winning the battle. The biggest lesson is to know you are never alone.

We are all one group. It does not matter your age, ethnicity, or any factor that allows us to feel different. When one of us rises, we all become more powerful. This is the time for us as a world to no longer let problems take away our power, peace and hope.

I share this song by Rachel Platten that shares the spirit and lesson we are all learning. We might sometimes feel down, but we are never out. Let us all rise up again and become strong knowing that we hold the keys to a bright future.

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