Learning To Allow Yourself To Go Slower

waterMy birthday was yesterday and it was exciting. I’ve been working the last few months and have had many wonderful experiences. I notice today I am tired and have less energy than usual. It is a great day to allow myself to go a little slower.

Many of us with mood disorders will have times we are tired. I know taking a few minutes to relax or meditate is a valuable resource. While writing today, I am listening to some calm music and it is helping me find some peace.

There are many benefits to going slower. We often are better able to accomplish tasks when we take our time. If we rush, we might make mistakes or give up. The longer and more steady road is usually the one that works.

Thank you for taking a few moments to share with us on this site. If you ever need support our coaching team is happy to help. You may call us at (213) 304-9555 or email blakelevinecoaching@aol.com. We also encourage you to read one of the uplifting books I’ve written available at: https://bipolaronline.com/book-center/

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