Learning Coping Skills For Families With Depression and Bipolar Disorder

IMG_0044This article is about learning coping skills for families with depression and bipolar disorder. It your family faces depression or bipolar disorder it is vital to learn coping skills which help. It becomes very hard when a loved one or yourself live with depression or bipolar disorder.

The tips we share include finding healthy outlets. This includes writing, working out, drawing, painting or being able to express yourself. We also encourage you to take some time to care for yourself. It is helpful to do meditation, deep breathing or taking a bath. Even a few minutes of peace will allow your mind to slow down and relax.

Our founders are a couple who live with bipolar and depression. They have two young children and it is a very big job to raise children when facing these issues. This is why they take turns watching the kids. They each benefit from taking a few minutes to listen and help assist each other. They also do group workouts where they take the kids for a walk. It is so helpful to take a few minutes to be in nature and get fresh air.

There are other ways to learn coping skills. One key step is to know you will not be perfect. We all make mistakes and have situations where we become upset. The key is to not let a small problem grow into  huge fight.

We offer a phone life coaching program where you can call us at (213) 304-9555 or email blake.levine@aol.com. You may also enjoy the wonderful books written by Blake LeVine found on Amazon at:


You may also read the free daily blog we offer at http://www.bipolaronline.com
We hope you know you can make it through any of the situations you feel and face. It is important to have hope and know you can rebuild your life. Please know the journey is not always easy but if you take the right steps you can move forward.


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