How To Teach A Bipolar Boyfriend To Be Honest About Emotions

peopleWelcome to our article about how to teach a bipolar boyfriend to be honest about emotions. When a girlfriend has a boyfriend with bipolar there are several tips to help the relationship stay strong. When you educate and learn about the complexities of bipolar you may create a healthy and terrific relationship.

When you start to talk about honest emotions there is often a need to find out what you both feel. Many with bipolar are nervous to express their feelings due to fears about their thoughts. They may have learned that it is better to hold in their thoughts than to share them. It takes time to teach them that being open and express their thoughts is a positive part of a long term relationship.

One idea is to sit down and ask each other a series of questions. You may explain that you want to open up and would appreciate if they would also discuss their thoughts and feelings. It is helpful to tell them that you are trying to create a relationship that allows both sides to express what they feel. You may also say that this can be done in a way that is warm and supportive.

If this does not work you may want to find a couples therapist. The therapist will often sit with both of you and discuss both of your feelings. Many times the therapist creates a forum for both parties to talk. It is a safe place to both discuss problems, come up with solutions and find ways to move forward.

The reality is many relationships go through ups and downs. When one or both of you have bipolar disorder the problems can grow very tough. You may benefit from educating yourself and find the healthiest options to continue.

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