How To Deal With Mean and Nasty Children With Bipolar

ParentingBookThis shares about how to deal with mean and nasty children with bipolar disorder. If you a parent it is hard to deal with children who are extremely nasty and mean. One main suggestion is to know that a mental illness does not always make the situation easy or simple to understand. Your child might be unable to understand that you are trying hard to help them. They may also not know that their anger is harming them as much as it is impacting you.

One key part of helping children who are mean and nasty is to set strong boundaries and limits. This includes clearly explaining what the punishment will be if they are acting very nasty and aggressive. You may also benefit from having someone to help you and give you an outlet for the problems you are feeling.

We offer one on one coaching by phone to help support and encourage families and individuals with these issues. Our coaches are trained to listen, help you set goals, give you outlets for your frustrations and to offer encouragement. You may call the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email to learn about setting a sessions.

Our educational books on these topics are very helpful and filled with lessons. We have  a fantastic parenting book and others teaching about these issues. Our goal is the books give you hope and practical lessons to help your family. Our books are available at:

Thank you for coming to our page teaching about how to deal with children who are mean and nasty and live with bipolar or depression. We write daily articles about these topics on our home page at Please know your work helping your family is valuable and needed. It is often children who have supportive parents that end up having the best chance of surviving from these serious issues. We hope this happens with your family and appreciate you learning about the help we offer.


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