How Do I Help My Bipolar Child Live Alone Without Their Mom and Dad?

bipolarcoverAs a parent did you ever wonder “How do I help my bipolar child live alone without their mom and dad”? Many parents have children with bipolar. They may also be a big part of keeping them mentally together. This means taking them to therapy, psychiatry appointments, handling school, work and monitoring their spending.

There comes a time when a parent wants to let their child live independently. Is it okay for them to leave? Will it be setting them up for success or is failure possible? What are the right ways to handle the separation? How can a parent make sure their child is ready to live alone?

These are the types of questions that many will ask. It comes to a point where it may make sense to explore the child living on their own. We provide coaching by phone, text and email. Our goal is to help be a daily support for your child and you. You can let us help you make progress together.

Our coaching is a wonderful way to support transitions. You can call our office at (213) 304-9555 or email We appreciate you learning about our services. We’re happy to help your family. It is not easy but having assistance may give you a better chance.