Helping Wife With Sadness, Isolation and Bipolar Disorder

IMG_0044This article is about helping a wife with sadness, isolation and bipolar disorder. If your wife is facing isolation, sadness and bipolar disorder please know it is a very rough road. You may not know how to help her and be supportive. One of the key steps is to make sure she is managing her mental health. This means finding a great psychiatrist who has the ability to provide the right diagnosis and make sure she is on the right medications. Mental illness is similar to many other health issues: it needs the medical help to properly care for a very severe and serious situation.

We share the personal story of our founder to provide hope. Blake LeVine nearly died in his teenage years when he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This includes facing five psychiatric hospitalizations for one month each time. He missed school, the ability to have friends and his prognosis was bleak. His family did everything they could to help him survive. He would eventually find the right combinations of medications, therapy and support groups to slowly rebuild his life.

Blake eventually was able to slowly rebuild. He ended up going back to school and finished his high school, college and obtained his Masters Degree in Social Work. Blake was eventually married and has two beautiful and healthy children. He has educated about mental illness on many major media outlets. He also has spoken at numerous organizations. His work founding this website is meant to help and teach others who face these problems.

We do this in three terrific ways. One is to offer books that teach about mental illness. They are inspiring, uplifting and filled with knowledge. You may find them at Amazon on:

We also offer a one on one telephone life coaching program. You may call the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email The final step is offering a free blog offering wonderful daily articles about bipolar disorder. You may see each article on our home page at


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