Helping Boyfriend With Addiction and Mental Illness

DepressionBookWe write about helping a boyfriend with addiction and mental illness. If your boyfriend has both addiction and mental illness it takes a huge toll on the relationship. Our goal is to share about the book written to help educate and reach those with a boyfriend with addiction and mental illness. It is titled Depression, Bipolar and Heroin and is written by a noted educator who lives with bipolar disorder.

Many ask what to do to help a boyfriend who has addiction to alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, smoking and other drugs. It is tough to care about someone who is risking their lives. There may also be fear and worry about how to confront them about their addictions. The reality is we need help when our boyfriend lives with addiction and mental illness.

The author of this book lost his only brother at age 27 to depression and addiction to heroin. It started with him using alcohol and marijuana and it progressed to more serious drugs. The author is dedicated to reaching others and helping them learn to not lose their lives from their addictions. We believe this easy to read book shares a wonderful message of hope. It is meant for anyone who wants to learn and grow from these issues. We believe it is a vital tool teaching many wonderful lessons about having a boyfriend with addiction and mental illness.

When you are learning about addiction and mental illness you often have to read books which share large amounts of knowledge. This includes being a great book for parents, spouses, children, teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers, coaches, addiction counselors and anyone looking to help others who battle these hard situations. The best part of the book is its simple and easy to read message which your boyfriend may even enjoy reading.

The book about depression, addictions, bipolar and other issues is a great read. It will likely teach you many lessons. It also shares wonderful experiences of others who recovered from their issues. We believe with the right steps your boyfriend may be able to eventually rebuild their life. This book teaches about faith, hope and many encouraging lessons. It was written in honor of the author’s brother who died from these issues. We hope his loss inspires others to do the work to rebuild their own lives. You can find the book at:


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