Having Gratitude for the Things You Have


IMG_0166sunI am working on shifting all thoughts of fears to feelings of love.  The one thing that I find that works the most in terms of shifting my energy and focus is practicing gratitude.  So many people focus on what they don’t have.  If they focus on what they don’t have, they will just attract more “lack.”   If we focus on what we already have we open up more room to receive.  We all can find some things that we are grateful for.

I suggest writing a list of all the things you are grateful for and reviewing them each morning when you wake up.  This will set the tone of feelings of gratitude and you will feel better throughout the whole day.

I have been dealing with depression and I sometimes find myself sadder on some days than others.  When I focus on gratitude, I feel a shift towards being happier and I feel lucky that I have these blessings in my life.

I hope you have wonderful week. I hope this tip that I gave  you today will make  you feel better when you are having a rough day.

Peace, love, and light,

Jennifer Levine


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