Going To The Gym When Facing Bipolar Depression

bipolarcoverWhen you have bipolar depression it helps to go to the gym. You may be feeling low and not in the mood to work out your body. It is helpful to remember the reasons why you want to be physically strong? Do you hope to feel fit, look attractive and hopefully lead a full life? When you have depression you sometimes lose these goals.

Many with a depressed mood lose sight of their goals. They may have said “I want to go to the gym five times a week. In a few months, I am going to look great at the beach”. They then become depressed and say “Who cares. I hate that damn gym. Screw it”.

The reality is that you may need to be at the gym. The lows of depression can make it necessary to get stronger to handle how hard it is. You cannot always take away depression right away. There are some who seek medical treatment and still have their depressed moods.

The gym can be your asset. It can be a place to get away from the troubles and sorrows you feel. It can also lead you away from the darkness that is often felt. You can be a fit and more happy person.

We offer a life coaching program to help you mentally and physically grow stronger. We work using technology to help you go back to reaching your goals. It can be helpful to have a strong listener that truly cares for you.

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