Free Depression Videos For Human Resources

Welcome to our page about free depression videos for human resources. There are many offices, that want support for their employees. The realities of depression, make it a major topic for job sites. There is a plethora, of content that may be costly to your annual budget.

We are proud, to offer some tools at a cost that is free. We’ve decided depression, is a worldwide concern. This website, is sharing below a few of our 900 YouTube videos. They were created with an ability to be watched almost anywhere around the world. There content, often focuses on depression and bipolar. We do offer paid services, including corporate coaching, consulting, brand partnerships, and developing a portal for your business. We mention this, if you ever have the budget or choose to want to help our business thrive more.

The founder of our website, is a noted author, former therapist, and life coach. He has written the bestselling books Depression, Bipolar and Heroin, Beating Bipolar, The Psychology of Adult Coloring, The Positive Worker: Developing A Winning Attitude At Work, Like Mother, Like Son: A Mom’s Guide To Raising Healthy Children and Depresion, Bipolar Y Heroina in Spanish. He’s spoken to many of the Fortune 1000 CEO’s and is glad to help any business, organization or individual. His own battle with bipolar in his teens, nearly took his life. He created 20 years of knowledge to understand how to holistically help himself and others.

The videos are below:

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