Finishing The Race When You Have Depression or Bipolar Disorder

bookThis article is about finishing the race when you have depression or bipolar disorder. We sometimes feel like we want to quit when we live with depression or bipolar disorder. There may be moments where you don’t know if you can make it through what you are feeling and experiencing. The reality is you have the potential to grow and thrive. Many with mental illness go on to live wonderful and fulfilling lives.

Our founder Blake LeVine had a huge battle with bipolar disorder. He faced five psychiatric hospital stays. He had delusions, paranoia and mania. Over two years, his condition was getting much worse. A top expert said he would likely live forever in a group home or psychiatric hospital. His family and him would not accept that his life was basically over.

Blake began to pray and did everything possible to recover. He eventually found the right medications and therapy to move forward. With true grit he would go back to school. He finished high school, college and then his Masters Degree in Social Work. Blake began to make friends and was able to get married. He has two beautiful and healthy children. Blake has worked helping many other families who live with depression and bipolar disorder. Blake also has taught about these topics at many schools, organizations and the media. He also has written several bestselling books.

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