Depression Trainers

bipolarcoverWe are depression trainers. Our work as depression trainers is to educate and teach about depression. Our depression trainers do this through coaching, books and educational films. If you have depressionk our trainers are here to inspire and motivate you.

Our founder is a noted bipolar advocate and coach. He wrote the bestselling book titled Beating Bipolar. He’s educated about bipolar and depression at The National Alliance on Mental Illness and The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. He also completed an educational tour teaching college students about bipolar and depression awareness with Dr. Drew Pinksy.

We would encourage you to learn about the tools and resources we offer. If you are interested in learning about depression we are able to help. We provide an educational film, our book and one on one coaching. Please learn about these tools at

We offer a one on one coaching program to train and help others who live with depression. You may learn by calling the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email

Our goal is to be the best depression trainers. We do this by helping motivate, encourage and inspire you to make positive change. We’re always available and we look forward to helping you. Thank you for sharing our information with anyone who would benefit. We thank you for taking the time to come to the depression trainers page here at

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