Depression Texting Addiction Support Online

bipolarcoverWelcome to the depression texting addiction support online. Does someone you know have texting addiction? Are they also facing depression? Is it possible that they are using texting to block the real emotions they are feeling? It can be hard to help someone change from an addiction.

The use of texting has become common these days. What is too much and how do we determine this? Is it okay to do for one hour a day versus 5 hours? Is it different for a young child versus a high school or college student? What should be the limits for a grown adult?

We offer coaching to help anyone looking for positive changes. We do share about texting addiction. Our goal is to also coach a parent or person on ways to make positive progress. This includes better habits, higher levels of connection and growing mentally strong.

You can learn about our coaching by calling us at (213) 304-9555 or email We hope to help anyone with bipolar or depression that has texting addiction. Our goal is for the support to help improve their way of life.