Depression Parenting Help Support For Raising Children WIth Depression

bookcbipolarcoverWe offer depression parenting help and support for raising children with depression. If you have depression and are a parent we would like to help you. If it hard to face depression and even tougher to be a parent while dealing with mental health struggles. We also help parents who have a child that is living with depression. It can be hard to help your own child and to help them face their emotions and depression.
Our company was created by a survivor of depression and bipolar disorder who is a parent of two young children. He has went on to write the bestselling book Beating Bipolar, The Depression Diet, Depression, Bipolar and Heroin and has educated about mental health at many organizations. We know struggling with depression and being a parent is a very hard road.
We work by doing coaching for those facing depression and parenting. We work to help you each day to find hope, encouragement, and the ability to press forward in your life. If you are facing depression and parenting we would like to help you.
Our parenting and depression help is here to assist you. We do coaching by phone and are always available. We work with our clients during the day, evening and even on the weekends. We’re dedicated to helping those with depression and who are parent.

As our way of helping we offer one free 30 minute phone coaching session to help you with depression and being a parent. You can call Blake LeVine anytime to obtain this free session. There is a cost if you decide to have ongoing weekly sessions. Please call Blake at (213) 304-9555 or email We thank you for allowing us to help you with depression and being a parent. Please know there is hope for families and individuals facing depression and being a parent.

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