Depression Bipolar And Feeling Like A Failure

IMG_0192This article shares about living with depression and bipolar disorder and feeling like a failure. There are many with depression or bipolar who feel like they are a failure. Many times those with these issues feel like they have lost their hope. It is sometimes very hard struggling in life and not knowing if you have the potential to eventually rebuild your life.

The founder of our website understands depression and bipolar and feeling like a failure. When he was a young boy, he was doing great. He would eventually see his mental health become a major problem. He had delusions, paranoia, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He was in 5 psychiatric hospitals over the next two years. A top doctor said he would never finish high school, college, work of lead a normal life.

Blake ended up praying and his family never gave up on him. He would eventually find the right medications, therapy and support groups. Blake finished high school, then college and eventually his Masters Degree in Social Work. He has written four published books and appeared on media outlets including, Life and Style, BP Magazine and a national media tour with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Blake also has educated at many schools, organizations and companies.

Blake now created this site to help others who face depression or bipolar disorder. We offer a one on one coaching program to help you. We do telephone sessions to motivate, encourage and help you in your journey. You may learn about the coaching program by calling the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email We also offer many of the wonderful books written by Blake. You may find them at:

You may also benefit from the free daily articles we write about these topics on Thank you and please know it is never too late to rebuild your life. Many of us with bipolar disorder and depression have the ability to rebuild and recover. You have the ability to work through what you are experiencing. We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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