Depression Athletes Support

C11-713225We offer depression athletes support. If you are facing depression and are an athlete we know there is often much to face. When you have depression t is often a long road. As an athlete, you must stay focused, driven and determine to win. How do you handle life when you need to practice but are facing issues with depression? Our work helping athletes with depression is to coach and motivate you to win in the battle of making positive changes.

Our founder was an athlete as a child and nearly died from bipolar and depression during his teenage years. He would have to work to slowly and steadily rebuild his life. He would go on to write the bestselling book Beating Bipolar, Depression, Bipolar and Heroin and The Depression Diet. He’s educated about these topics on most media outlets. He’s also a noted educator and expert helping others with these issues.

We work to help you by being the coach always available to help you. We do this by being available 7 days a week and even at night. Our clients work with us through text, email, phone and video chat. Our goal is to to be the supportive coach and friend that helps you find the motivation, encouragement and strength to stay focused on your goals. We know having a dedicated and trained coach gives the best chance to win in the game of life.

As our way of helping we offer a free coupon for an initial 30 minute session. This allows you to ask questions, find motivation and connect with us. If you decide to work with us on an ongoing basis there is a charge and we offer many types of plans. We’ve found that our clients find the investment in themselves the best chance to make positive change. We encourage you to call Blake LeVine today at (213) 304-9555.

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