Depression and Rebuilding Your Life In A New Country

wachaThis shares about facing depression and rebuilding your life in a new country. Many with depression choose to leave one place and move to another. They are hoping for a fresh start. The goal may be to feel happier somewhere else.

What tips help someone rebuilding in a new country? They include starting to try and adapt to your surroundings. This may mean finding a way to learn about the new area. You may discover about the place online or ask others at local shops.

It may also be fun to try to do activities locals do. This may be different than what you did in your previous country. Are you open to exploring and doing things differently? Did you move somewhere else so you could find a different way of life?

There may also be a need for support during this transition. We provide a coaching program using technology. You can text, call or email us. We hope to support you and help you set new goals for your new life.

We can be reached in the United States at (213) 304-9555. You may email us at

We’re also sharing a book written about depression. It shares the story of the founder of this website losing his brother to a heroin overdose. It is a fascinating book to inspire and teach. It can be bought at: Depression, Bipolar and Heroin