Depression And Landing A Job And Not Getting It

Beating Bipolar UK editionWhat happens when you have depression and are trying to land a job? If you do not get the job, how hard is it face it? Many with depression are struggling financially. It is possible to put all your career eggs in one basket. You are excited for an interview and feel it goes well; two weeks later you find out you were not hired.

How does someone with depression handle the ups and downs of work? The truth is there will be some painful times. The quest to find a new job may be long and difficult. It is even possible that you must open up your potential career paths.

It helps to have a coach that can support you while looking for a job. The cost may be worth it to help you rebuild after a strong work disappointment. You may have to rebuild your confidence and try to apply to more positions. Our coaching may help you explore other types of work that will hire you.

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