Depression And Having A Child Facing Cancer

bipolarcoverWhen someone lives with depression it takes a huge toll on them. If they have a child diagnosed with cancer, it becomes sometimes impossible to hang on. How do you help yourself while caring for your own sick child. This can hurt and damage you to your core. We want to try and help you find some light in an often dark situation.

The realities of life are hard. We cannot change that many of us face problems. It can be sad to realize that there are some things that you cannot change. Many religions talk about surrendering and reaching for a higher power to help. We agree that in extremely hard situations a higher power may be your best answer.

We all have heard stories of amazing healing happening. There are some who have prayed for a loved one with a terminal illness. They somehow end up surviving and being okay. Even for those that don’t live, they make peace with God about what has happened. It can take courage to try and figure out how to bring light into turbulent situations.

Our work is to provide coaching to help others. We listen, support and help you improve your thinking. It is helpful to have someone who truly cares about what is happening in your life. You may even feel happier and more hopeful by working with a motivational coach.

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