Depression And Going To Work While Being Addicted To Texting

wachaMany with depression are trying to go to work. They battle their mental health and also need to work to survive financially. When you throw in addiction to texting it can complicate trying to recover. What does texting addiction look like? Is there a healthy way to text versus a dangerous one?

We believe that texting is a modern form of communication. It is easier for some to text their feelings and thoughts. The problem sometimes happens when the texting removes human emotion. Those with depression may not want to interact with anyone in person. This can cause feelings of depression and make it hard to work.

Our goal is to find a way to assist you. This includes talking and speaking about rebuilding your self esteem. You can grow stronger and find a way to get back to a place of feeling joyful. Many with depression eventually are strong enough to work, live full lives and be open to change.

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