Depression and Feeling Okay On Interviews

wachaWhen you live with depression it is vital to feel okay during job interviews. Many feel nervous when they meet about a new position. Will you potential new boss not hire you if you don’t seem good enough during the interview?

It can be helpful to practice for interviews. This can be done by role playing with someone. You can go over interview questions and ways to respond. Do you do this with a family member, friend or on your own?

There are problems with that scenario. Your parents may not be the right one to help you. It may be easy to be calm with someone you’ve known for 20 years. What happens when it is a real supervisor deciding if you are a fit to the company?

We provide a coaching program and will gladly work through you interviewing for a job. It is even possible to have us try different types of bosses. We’ll work with you on one who is very stern, another who is very friendly and possibly others that are a bit of each.

You gain an upper advantage by preparing for the interview. Many other candidates may be applying. If there are 50 applicants for one job, you need to do your best. We want to try and give you the best possible chance at success.

Our coaching uses technology to help. You can call, text, phone or video chat with us. The direct number in the United States is (213) 304-9555. You may also email us at