Depression And Feeling Numb Without Xanax

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We are sharing about dealing with depression and feeling numb without Xanax. There are many who seek to soothe their frustrations by abusing Xanax. They assume, it helps them feel happier and more alive. The problem, is they end up feeling numb without it. They may even, feel sad and low during times of consumption.

We’ve created a coaching service to assist those with depression and addiction. Our founder, lost his only brother to an overdose. He understands, how hard it can be to not change. The book Depression, Bipolar and Heroin: Lessons Learned From Losing My Brother To Addiction was written to to teach about these topics.

The coaching is done virtually, to help you make positive progress. It does cost money, but it is a private coach to support you at home. We are dedicated to seeing you find the support you deserve.

Our office may be reached at (213) 304-9555. We may also be emailed at